A downloadable game for Android

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Tap on upper right screen to punch.

Tap on bottom right screen to jump.

Left side of screen to move.


Jump Force Fan Made V0.0.1.21.apk 50 MB
Jump Force Fan Made.apk(outdated) 43 MB

Install instructions

Download file and tap on it using an android device.(THERE AR E NO VIRUSES)

Development log


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Create a friday the 13th multiplayer android

Can you add a temporary wall for the map? The dummy character falls off the map and then the camera just goes down. And a lock on mechanism too where you can lock on and choose freely who to lock on, and can be disabled. Also, make it so that it can run a little bit smooth on low end devices. I'm patiently waiting for it's development


Give us this on PC, please.

tambien estara para pc?

No, ya hay un juego de pc.